In the fast paced world of business and enterprise technology, the future is now. Keeping up with secure and effective solutions to daily challenges has lead many leaders to explore the exciting world of Distributed Ledger Technology, or, Blockchain. We specialize in blockchain security and provide simple, effective, Distributed Ledger Technology solutions for forward thinking businesses and organizations.

Sagebrush.Consulting provides the instruction and curriculum for the University of Nevada Reno Extended Studies Blockchain Basics Certification Program. Stay tuned for information and class schedule!


From smart contracts to Hyperledger decentralized applications, blockchain technology can lower cost and improve your process!

Blockchain Compliance Policies

Are you compliant? Blockchain is making it's way into industries across the globe. Protect yourself with our blockchain compliance policy services. If you're taking payments, receiving personal information or storing sensitive data, ISO/TC307, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS compliance is mission critical. Let our Compliance Experts help provide risk analysis and develop security policies to protect you and your business.

Blockchain Business Consulting

How can Blockchain help your business? Business and Government leaders all over the world are scrambling to harness the power of Blockchain technology in their organizations. Asset tracking, accounting, payment processing and information security are just a handful of areas that your organization can benefit from the new and emerging standards in Blockchain business logic. Let our Blockchain Experts learn your needs and show you safe and cost effective solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Make moves! After identifying how Blockchain applications or dapps can boost performance and security in your organization, let our Blockchain Specialists set you up with the tools you need. We provide installation and training in any new hardware, software and cloud services related to your Blockchain upgrade to make the transition easy and efficient.

Blockchain - It's not just for Cryptocurrency.


On it's website Hyperledger, hosted by The Linux Foundation, explains “Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and Technology.” There are many Blockchain technologies out there. We utilize Hyperledger as a valuable resource backed by The Linux Foundation which supports the linux kernel, technologies like Node.js, Kubernetes and Let's Encrypt. Other companies using Hyperledger technologies include American Express, CISCO, IBM, Intel, Aetna and J.P.Morgan. Hyperledger is special in the Blockchain ecosystem because it provides a low cost solution for enterprises by all but eliminating mining and transaction fees. Making Hyperledger the best blockchain solution for your organization.








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